PolyMatter is a YouTube channel focused on thoughtful content, on anything from business to design.
It's written, animated, and made entirely by me, Evan.

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How Do I Make My Videos?

I've created an online video course on my creative process, from picking topics to animating. (Affiliate link)

Book Recommendations

These are some of the books I've read while researching videos and/or recommend for other reasons:

(These are affiliate links to Audible, a sponsor of PolyMatter)


Advertising Philosophy

Advertising puts food on my table, which means more videos for you. But it only works if…

  • The audience knows there’s advertising. You should never end a video wondering if I was paid to say something - that’s why I explicitly mark sponsored sections.

  • I pick high-quality sponsors. I regularly turn down offers from products I don’t believe in. I use (or have used) all of my sponsors’ products. Ideally, you find out about something you like, I feel good recommending it, and the business is sustainable.

Advertising can be abrupt and awkward (as on TV), or it can be amusing and clever. I aim for the latter with smooth transitions. Ideally, it's more interesting and makes you want to tune in for a second. If not, you can click away. That’s why they’re at the end. YouTube ads are disabled for the first 30 days of a sponsored video, people (understandably) don’t want two or three ads per video.

This only works if all parties are happy. If you aren’t, I welcome feedback. I also hope you’ll understand how difficult it is to satisfy everyone.